Quality Control


Our activities in these areas could be "described" as "aggressive" improvement in each of these fields means a total company commitment. As we move forward benefits will flow back to both customers and employees. This is why we strive to create a lively workplace.

Total Quality Control: All of our employees have ample opportunity to participate in TQC activities including frequent meetings to exchange ideas. The first goal of our TQC activities is to produce improved production methods, which can be adapted to our customer's needs.

The second is to meet certain restraints [pollution, product reliability, resource efficiency, cost control, productivity, etc.) appropriately. In other words to eliminate impediments to the production process.

Toyota Production System: A rational system that dictates not carrying excessive stock and eliminates any impossible, wasteful, or uneven work. Using this system products are only manufactures as needed and in the correct quantity. In this manner we have improved productivity and reduced costs while establishing improved working conditions for our employees.

Total Production Maintenance: In mass production it is important to eliminate waste and loss during the operation of equipment. High efficiency, low cost, and speed is another motto of our company. Our aim is to get the best possible product to the customer in a timely manner. To accomplish this we have in stalled the most modern production equipment.

Our entire company, both management and employees, is motivation toward a high level of TQC, TPS, and TPM.

Our shipping section, which is strictly controlled to meet deadlines, dispatches products to our customer's satisfacition.


Research and Development

In order to adjust to the changing and varied needs of our customers swiftly and accurately Ogawa Asia has established a new production facility to increase our output capability.
We are now realizing our goal of producing high quality products efficiently and at a low cost.

This is a process we intend to continue.


Environmental Efforts

In present time, environmental disruption has gotten worse.

Water soil and air pollution becomes very serious problem.

Nonetheless, there are quite a few companies which realize those problems by undertaking social works, such as environment preservation.

But our company is struggle to realize clean safety environment.

Basic philosophy of environment for OGAWA ASIA
Our company recognizes global & local environment preservation as an essential issue.

We aim at restricting to the least damage to our environment through entire company activities and contribute to our social by strict keep environment standard of ISO 14001.