Our Process

Injection Process

Manufacturing high quality, low cost product is one of our company's mottoes. Our order system is based on gathering the relevant information, conducting research aimed at technical improvement and frequent consultation with the customer.

We deal with the various products with our high accuracy plastic molding injection. We carefully select the material which mainly the high molecular to match the wide variety products. Our injection machine are 80t until 1,600t.

In addition, the high-performance industrial robots in order to achieve the energy saving as well as to adapt to mass production.



Plating Process

Our Chrome Plating equipment are top of the line. Also full use is made of labor saving techniques, automatic material loading, and industrial robots. The Chrome Plating and Injection Molding processes are the best in Thailand.

Ogawa Asia is capable of manufacturing Chrome Plated moldings to any specification. Our Injection Molding, Chromes Plating, and Painting divisions are designed to provide any product our customer's request.

We are working harder than ever to improve our manufacturing procedures and constantly strive to ensure a smooth production process. Prior to shipping products are tested according to strict standards to assure consistent high quality.



Painting Process

Steady finishing by high performance coating.

After plating we continue operate with spray coating.

These process are done by high performance material, machine, such as industrial robots, infared oven.

That's we can provide steady quality products.



Assembly Process

The products after plating or coating plus drying process go through the assembly process to be completed.

We strictly inspect the completed products in detail, such as component functional. The inspection process consist of color of coating inspection.

uniformity of plating inspection and inaccurate shape. The only products which qualify the orderly inspection standard are allowed to go out of factory.